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Top 3 Free 5 Minute Typing Test Online

Five minute typing test is perfect for keeping track of your typing speed without spending too much time on a typing test. It is also moderately accurate.


FreeTypingGame.net - 5 minute typing test with certificate

You can adjust the test time from 1 – 5 minute(s). Once you have completed the test, you will receive a certificate. It also offers 40 different typing lesson on their site.

FreeTypingGame.net certificate

FreeTypingGame.net certificate


Sense-lang.org - 5 minute typing test no backspace
No backspace is allowed for this test. You can change the display mode to either single line or three lines and background color before the test begins. You can set the time limit any time between 20 – 600 seconds.


hi-games.net - 5 minute typing test
hi-games.net supports 3 types of keyboard: QWERTY, Colemak, and Dvorak.

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