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Is 45 words per minute consider fast? What is the minimum or average typing speed required to get a secretarial job? To get a rough idea on how fast you type compare to the others, I have created this table, which is divided into 3 categories: kids, adults, and jobs. Do note that all of the [...]

baby typing

Free keyboarding games for kids are an excellent way to pass time while also obtaining an extremely beneficial skill in today's IT enabled society. Touch typing is an extremely important skill in any of today's computer-technology powered societies, so it comes as no surprise that a larger number of people are opting to teach their [...]

How To Touch Type Fast?

In order to compensate with the rapid growing modern world and to remain connected with the evolving technologies, knowledge of computers is a must. Nowadays we spend more time on computers than any other device. We use computers to study, learn, communicate, entertain, play games, create documents and find information. We spend a big share [...]

There is certainly a reason why free keyboarding for kids online is very useful nowadays. Modern technology and gadgets are a fundamental element of today’s civilization and perception of a computer keyboard is no longer a luxury rather a need. Understanding of computer keyboards in early age enables kids to acquire excellent typing skills and [...]

As a student or an individual who is a participant throughout the workforce, becoming aware of the correct typing posture to ensure that your physical health is maintained is extraordinarily important. There are a variety of different steps that can be implemented in order to ensure that an individual achieves the correct posture for typing [...]

The first thing you can do when starting to learn how to type fast online is practice, the more you practice the better you can become and you can even type without looking at the keyboard. You can gain some good tips and tricks online and learn how to type fast for free in this short [...]

Sense-lang.org - 5 minute typing test no backspace

Five minute typing test is perfect for keeping track of your typing speed without spending too much time on a typing test. It is also moderately accurate. You can adjust the test time from 1 - 5 minute(s). Once you have completed the test, you will receive a certificate. It also offers 40 different typing lesson on [...]

Type for Gold

Teenagers usually prefer exciting and thrilling games like car racing, shooting, and sports. Here are 10 awesome and exciting typing games that teenagers will like. You can't afford to miss this awesome typing game. TypeRacer is a free typing game that allows people to race with each other by typing quotes from books, movies, and songs. [...]

GirlGames.Com - Typing Expert

Girls typing games are really hard to find as most sites are targeting adults and kids, regardless of gender. I have picked 3 typing games that girls will probably like. Word Games is a really entertaining typing games that most girls will love. You can choose to be the chaser (monster) or the one who is [...]

TypingWeb Beginner Course

There are lots of free online typing lessons for beginners that teach you on how to place your fingers, good typing ergonomics and ways to type more effectively. Here are some great typing course online which are free and suitable for beginners. They are extremely useful for you to build a strong foundation and learn the basics in typing. TypingWeb [...]