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Learn How to Type Fast Without Looking At the Keyboard

The first thing you can do when starting to learn how to type fast online is practice, the more you practice the better you can become and you can even type without looking at the keyboard. You can gain some good tips and tricks online and learn how to type fast for free in this short article.

Step 1 : Memorize the keyboard layout

Go ahead and sit in front of your computer and analyze in detail your keyboard. Keep in mind that all the keys found on your keyboard are optimized for typing fast. So just take your time and memorize where the letters are on your keyboard and create in your mind some kind of shortcuts to find the letters more quickly.

Don’t worry about looking at the keyboard a few times, if you practice enough you can become that good that you will type without looking at the keyboard.

Step 2 : Put your fingers in the correct position

In this next step I will outline how to strike the keys fast and accurately so you can type quicker.

To make a perfect and accurate key stroke you must practice and be very familiar with your own keyboard. You must remember the fact that the thumbs must always be used to hit the space key. You will have to put your both hands over the keyboard when typing in such a position that the left hand to cover the left part of the keyboard and the right and hand to cover the right part of the keyboard, leaving the thumbs in the middle of the keyboard.

Another critical aspect in learning how to type fast is using all our fingers, don’t type using just 2 fingers, try to use more than two if you can.

Step 3 : Practice!

In order to type fast you must memorize where the keys are located and you can do this only with practice and more practice. Try to practice rewriting an article so you can have an idea where a particular key is located and as I said earlier try using more than two fingers. I know it can be a little difficult but it can be accomplished if you practice and in the end you will improve your typing speed.

I hope you enjoyed this short article on how to type fast and got some useful tips, now you can start to practice.

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