Top 3 Free 5 Minute Typing Test Online

by Norb Winslow

Five minute typing test is indeed a great way to reveal your typing speed, as well as to keep track of your current WPM.  Its typing statistics will be more accurate and precise than 1 minute or 3 minute typing test, yet it doesn’t takes much time compare to 10 minutes or multi-level typing test. I have found 3 great and free 5 minute typing test online, where you can easily choose the one that suits you more. - 5 minute typing test with certificate is a free 5 minute typing test with certificate. There are 40 types of typing lessons available for you to choose before you begin. You can also select any test time, from 1 to 5 min. If you made a mistake, you can use the backspace key to correct it. Whenever you reach the end of the line, the cursor will automatically advance. Upon completing the test, a free typing test certificate is awarded. certificate certificate - 5 minute typing test no backspace is a 5 minute typing test no backspace. Before the typing test, you will be able to change the display mode (either single line or three lines) and pick your favourite colour as the background. The test duration is adjustable in seconds. Therefore, you can set any time between 20 – 600 seconds. It is my favourite typing test because you can save your setting for next time. Besides, no backspace is allowed and you have to continue typing until the end of the test, regardless of your error. - 5 minute typing test
A free 5 minute typing test online that is simple and easy to use. It supports 3 types of keyboard: QWERTY, Colemak, and Dvorak.  Simply click to begin the timer and the text will move down as you proceed.

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